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Here are a few local tips on getting the most from your holiday in Queensland’s Southern Outback.


Back O’ Bourke Cordials have been produced in the town of Bourke in Western NSW since 1907. Splashe Cola is the most popular drink and you will find it throughout the region. It has its own Facebook page.

The secret is that it tastes like a sweeter version of Italian chinotto, which San Pellegrino claims to have created in 1932. Maybe Back O’ Burke cola beat them to it. One taste and you’ll be filling your car up with cartons of the stuff.

Say Hello

People in the outback say hello a lot so don’t be surprised if people start chatting to you in the check-out queue at the supermarket or the bank. Be prepared to talk about the weather. If you’re taking a walk along one of the many beautiful river walks, be prepared to nod and say hello to everyone you walk past. If you’re driving down the road and someone coming in the opposite direction lifts their index finger off the steering wheel, that is the driving version of saying hello.



If you’re tempted to buy an akubra hat, and who isn’t – they are comfortable, functional, and long wearing - ask your vendor for advice on local style and colour. It is different in different regions, but in Queensland’s Southern Outback black is a tricky colour to wear unless you’re a rodeo star.


The RSL is the entertainment backbone of many outback towns. They are generally open seven days a week and are a pleasant and friendly place to have lunch or dinner with a drink.


Roma RSL
21 Quintin St
(07) 4622 1476

Surat RSL
(07) 4626 5963

St George RSL
108 Alfred St
(07) 4625 3178

 Morven RSL
66 Brunel St
(07) 4654 8227

Quilpie RSL
(07) 4656 1200

Charleville RSL
Watson Street
(07) 4654 3855

Yowah (Paroo River) RSL
20 Harliquin Dr
(07) 4655 4185

Cunnamulla RSL
11 Murray St
07 4655 0857 

Mitchell RSL
11 Cambridge St
(07) 4623 1127


Dining Times

Don’t get caught out by missing times for lunch and dinner. Throughout Queensland’s Southern Outback, 12pm to 2pm is generally the time for lunch. Many places then close their kitchen until dinner. Dinner is generally served between 6pm and 8pm. There will be options outside these times but if you want to have the maximum choice on where to eat then it’s best to plan to eat in the traditional dining hours.

Trading Times

Supermarkets are often open seven days per week and are open at night. Other shops and services generally stick to a half-day trading day on Saturday and are closed on a Sunday.

Local Community Events

One of the best ways to enjoy your time in Queensland’s Southern Outback is by attending one of the many local community events. These are organised by community groups and volunteers and may not be on Events Calendars because the dates are not determined well in advance of the event. One of the best ways to find out what is going on is to drop into the local Visitor Information Centre or to check out one of the many community information outlets.

St George Calendar Online is a community resource for St George and Surrounds and you can find lots of local activities and events that you might like to attend.

Roma for Families provides information about activities for families in Roma.

The My Maranoa app (available from the apple store or google play store) lists community events in Roma.

Paroo Events lists community events in Cunnamulla and surrounding areas.

Quilpie Events lists community events in Quilpie and surrounding areas.

The Bulloo Shire app (available from the apple store or google play store) lists community events in Thargomindah and surrounding areas.

The Charleville app (available from the apple store or google play store) lists community events in Charleville and surrounding areas.

So now you have the right Akubra, a bottle of Splashe Cola in your hand, and you’ve been practicing saying hello to strangers at home. You are definitely ready to make the most of your holiday in Queensland’s Southern Outback.